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Dr. Smithmyer and her staff are phenomenal in all areas of patient care. I have multiple issues and all are being addressed with success. I have cancelled pain injection appointments because the acupuncture and bio-therapy treatments have been successfully working.

– A.A.

Dr. Smithmyer is amazing. I am able to go back to my regular routine of activity and felt less pain right away after first treatment. The treatment plan and schedule was very flexible. Her and her staff are awesome!

– C.J.

Dr. Smithmyer and her staff are wonderful. The pain that I’ve been dealing with has decreased in severity due to the treatments I’m receiving there, and Dr. Smithmyer has been incredibly helpful in trying to identify the cause. She has remained laser focused on my presenting problem and her treatment plan, which she adjusts as needed! The staff is welcoming, helpful, and efficient. I highly recommend Chesapeake AIM!

– L.B.D

At Chesapeake AIM, the level of care is extraordinary. Dr. Jinell has studied in China, the originators and foremost practioners of medical acupuncture, and combines that with a strong comprehensive understanding of the current challenges in treating pain. They offer real and proven alternatives to medicating pain and I have personally benefited from their treatment of my Peripheral Neuropathy. Although I’m sure it varies with each patient, I began to experience some modest relief after only 4 weeks. I’ve been able to return to work, where I spend a good deal of my time on my feet. Plus, I’m back to exercising again. The offices feel very safe and accommodating and the staff is, honestly, the best I’ve ever worked with. Genuinely friendly and intuitive, they go far & above to make you feel comfortable and well informed. First time in my life I actually look forward to going to the doctor!

– B.D.

I went to Chesapeake Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine about a month
ago after severe back and neck pain. I was able to make an appointment right way and the front desk staff was kind and helpful. Dr. Jinell Smithmyer listened to my health challenges and asked me lots of questions, and she did a treatment on the spot as well to pinpoint the problem. Every time I’ve gone in I have no wait time. They are efficient and professional and I have seen major improvements to my back and neck already. Highly recommend Dr. Jinell Smithmyer and her team.

– C.S.

My experience with Chesapeake Acupuncture has been nothing but positive from the first day consulting with Dr. Smithmeyer through the many staff supported lower back treatments. The progressive treatments have led to improved loco motion of my lower body and a dramatic reduction in pain. I highly recommend Dr. Smithmeyer and her dedicated supporting staff.

– J.U.

Dr. Smithmyer is truly amazing! This is my first time doing acupuncture and integrative medicine and it’s been an amazing experience! I came to get treatment for postpartum recovery after having my 3rd baby in 5 years. Her and her staff have been very accommodating. She listens and doesn’t make me feel rushed. Treatment is ongoing but I have noticed major improvements in my health and energy levels.

– B.M.

Chesapeake AIM helped me with my neck pain and headaches. After seeing a pain specialist and a physiatrist with no relief, Dr. Smithmyer has decreased my symptoms by 50%. The staff, Amber, Jenn, and Shannon are professional and friendly. Dr. Smithmyer listens and tailors treatment to how you are doing that day. She is compassionate and knowledgeable. Treatments are tailored to your needs. I highly recommend Chesapeake AIM.

– D.D.

My ankle pain is gone thanks to Dr. Smithmyer and her team. I am able to exercise again without fear of the pain returning. The highly skilled team provides an emotionally safe environment for healing to begin. Their office is modern and runs very efficiently. I am incredibly grateful for their dedication to their amazing practice!

– B.S.

5 Stars all around! From the moment you step in you’re welcomed and made to feel at home. Dr. Jinell has taken the time to find out the best treatment that was right for me. She takes the time to listen to any new issues or any old ones that may pop back up. She has helped me with all sorts of issues. My stomach and nausea issues, anxiety as well as some aches and pains. Truly a wonderful experience and highly recommended!!

– D.H.

This is the best women’s health all-natural doctor I have met. I recommend her to all my friends who want to get pregnant too!

– M.S.

Dr. Jinell Smithmyer helped me with a flareup of severe low back pain. When it flares, it can greatly impact my quality of life and mobility. Dr. Jinell helped me drastically reduce the pain. I couldn’t have picked a better acupuncturist! I highly recommend anyone who’s suffering from low back pain or otherwise to try her. Can’t say enough good words.

– M.E.

After my first treatment, I was shocked at the dramatic decrease in anxiety and overall sense of well-being that I experienced. I have Dr. Smithmyer’s capable guidance and treatment to thank for an overall positive shift in my life.

– J.K.

Chesapeake Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine is an amazing practice with wonderful, knowledgeable practitioners! Dr. Jinell Smithmyer’s acupuncture services I’ve received while pregnant have greatly helped ease my discomfort and anxiety. I look forward to every appointment!

– M.C.

During the last 4 years, I’ve seen 4 podiatrists, 2 other acupuncturists, physical therapists and chiropractors to battle the pain. I was told that I would never run again. I followed her instructions and a couple weeks ago, I ran a 5k. She made the impossible possible. I strongly recommend Dr. Smithmyer and will sing her praises for years to come.

– S.O.

I can unequivocally say that Dr. Jinell Smithmyer is the absolute best acupuncturist I have ever encountered, and
over the past 30 years, I have utilized the services of numerous acupuncturists in the Annapolis area.

– J.D.

Dr. Smithmyer knows her trade so well that I couldn’t resist thanking her every time I visit her office. I’m so grateful for the relief of my muscle tension and spasms due to multiple strokes because of her superb treatment. I am glad I’m her patient and will recommend her in a heartbeat!

– R.A.

I have had acupuncture many years of my life for a number of ailments and I am pleased to say Dr. Jinell actively listens and works with her patient’s feedback, using her great number of skills to reach results faster than I have ever had. I greatly recommend this practice to people that are looking for sure results. You have my gratitude.

– L.M.

Dr. Smithmyer is gifted! She has done wonders for my neuropathy – feet. She’s compassionate and takes time to listen to you. I highly recommend her. I’ve not been disappointed! Give her a try because your health is worth it.

– J.J.

Always a 5 star VIP experience and the results are irrefutable. I had an unknown condition post covid no medical doctor could figure out how to treat. It prevented me from being able to eat or swallow. I was on a liquid only diet for months just withering away to nothing. Within two treatments I was eating solid foods again and now after several weeks I’m actually feeling like myself. If you are even remotely on the fence about acupuncture or Dr. Smithmyer, don’t be. Just do it! You will not be disappointed.

– M.B.

Dr. Smithmyer has inspired me, a doctor of psychology, to be more collaborative with my patients. Her efforts have benefitted me more than words can ever say. I would take any of my children to see her without any fear or hesitation at all, and I plan on working with her as long as I can. If you want help, need help, even if you doubt acupuncture is right for you, Dr. Smithmyer will help you.

– J.R.

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